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Sri Lanka is strategically located at the cross roads of both east and west sea routes and serves as the point of entry to South Asia. Since the early days, the country is very famous among the traders as its been used by them as their regional trading hum in the Asian Continent. Those days it is cold the Silk Road and the merchants have used Sri Lanka as their main item exchange point.  Today, According to the Lloyds Register the Colombo Port ranks as No. 01 port of South Asia and the 26th in the World. The BIA is a regional hub of air transportation and is considered to be # 1 in South Asia.

Today, Sri Lanka is ranked as the most liberalized economy in South Asia. Investors are provided with preferential tax rates, constitutional guarantees on investment agreements, exemptions from exchange control and 100% repatriation of profits. Total foreign ownership is welcome in almost all areas of the economy, with only a few areas limited or restricted to foreigners.

Strong Resilient Economy     

Supportive Government Policies

Educated and Adaptable Workforce

Social Infrastructure and Quality of Life

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Access to Key Markets / Vibrant Business Environment

Investment Protection and Double Taxation

Natural Resources


Entrepreneurs and investors around the world look for new opportunities in the global economic arena to diversify risk and find new niches. The year 2011 represents a pivotal year for global economic recovery and international policy cooperation. Sri Lankans strive to make the country a ‘Wonder of Asia’. Sri Lanka as an emerging economy has shown a considerable expansion in its economy during the past two years. After a 30 year civil war, Sri Lanka is now marching towards a rapid economic development with infrastructure improvement in the war hit provinces and overall economic expansion, promotion and facilitation in general. The country is in search of foreign direct investments to expand the national economy rapidly, as the existing capital structure proves inadequate to meet such a huge expansion.

The return from the economies which are in rapid recovery and expansion tends to be comparatively higher than well-established economies. Further, the opportunities, alternatives and niches are diverse in an emerging economy compared to a fully developed economy. There will be lack of trend setters in such an emerging economy and the competition exerted initially will be limited to a number of traditional / conventional venturing. So, entrepreneurs with innovative business approaches and strategic thinking will succeed in the emerging Sri Lankan Economy.

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