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The major portion of the increasing demand can be met by using indigenous bio fuels for thermal generation, which utilizes the same technology as coal. We propose that 50% of all future thermal based electricity generation should be targeted from Dendro energy. The local fuel wood resources available are adequate for this. The supply of fuel wood can be major boon to rural farmers as a subsidiary income by part time activity. We target 1000 MW by year 2015 which will pump in Rs 15, Billion annually to the rural economies

The distributed generation of electricity will reduce the transmission losses currently at near 20% , and will promote private sector investments in small power generation plants say 5- 25 MW , which will promote centers of economic activity in the rural areas. The burden on the State for investments in the energy sector will be minimized.

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Implementation of the cabinet decision dated 7th September 2005. Grant a tariff of Rs. 8.50 per kWh for the first 50 MW of Dendro power Projects. For power plants with capacities less than 5 MW, this would require a contribution of Rs. 3.00 per kWh from the Government. State commitment to generate 50% of future thermal based generation from Dendro resources and firm directive to the CEB to achieve this target. Proactive role by the CEB to streamline the approval process and development of the grid to accept the Dendro Power generated in the rural areas.

Following Dendro Power Projects are open to invest






5 MW

All Approvals Completed



2 MW

Approval are Processing






Invest power

Dendro power project is seeking an investor. All the approvals completed. JV investment opportunities are open for discussions. Please contact us for more details.





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